The Beginning



I’m in the middle of a craft fair in the local library using one of their computers to set up this blog. Normally it’s really quiet here, but there is chatter and noise behind me as I sit here typing. Who knows who is looking over my shoulder. It seems strange to be amidst so many people and yet feel so profoundly alone.

April the first.
April Fool’s day.
I feel like the fool.

I closed one blog down because I was chatting too much and my relatives got suspicious of that. Hopefully they won’t find this one. Hopefully I can chat freely. Hopefully hope will sustain me until life reflects my hopes.

Gosh – that sound’s profound. I think I’ll stop there. πŸ™‚


100 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Until life reflects hopes you said….. hey! look it, is me, is Charly Priest, or Charly the Grand Priest…. I like better the latter, so yes I’m your hopes reflecting back into your life. See? Wasn’t that hard.

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