I Love You


I saw you today as I was waking down a back-street and you looked so lovely that I just had to stop and stare. And then I saw you again by the river. You were peeking through the trees, in that way you have – half radiant, half shy. Then, towards the end of the day, I saw you again as you dipped below the horizon. Such a beautiful mess you made of the clouds.

I love you, sun.
You brighten my day.


33 thoughts on “I Love You

    • You’re welcome, Audrey. 🙂 And thanks in return for your visit here. And for your kind comments. And for your happiness. And for your best wishes. Lalala – the world is beautiful. 😀
      Kindness – Robert.


  1. I am sorry for my stupid comment today, Robert. I don’t know what got into me. I’m not cool enough to hang out on your blog. I won’t come again. Kindness~ Jillian.

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