So, I was thinking of setting up my own server and offering an email service.

Just as Google have Gmail and Apple (probably) have iMail (well, if they don’t – they should have), I will have RCDMail. I’m going to charge £60 a year for an email account, or six quid a month if’n you prefer it that way.

The features and unique selling point are that I will read all your email conversations and turn them into books that I’ll publish on Amazon. I’ll retain all rights to the material and will not pay any royalties.

Maybe I’ll print your real name too. Or not. But you’ll have to pay extra if I don’t.

Also, there will be no fancy-pants protection for the mail server, so it’ll be easy for the Russian Mafia to break in and steal anything and everything. That’s not a selling point. That’s just because I don’t know how to protect the server.

My Amazon account, however, will have the strongest defences imaginable. Ditto my bank account.

You might think that I sound cruel and rapacious by saying these things, but when you think about it, am I not doing exactly what the big players are? They are taking your material and they are making money from it. And if someone breaks into their servers and steals your stuff? Well that’s just tuff taffy.

Come to me instead. At least I’m being honest with yah, right?


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