The Idea Machine


Caught myself killing my idea machine today.

I was walking along, watching the world, when I experienced something interesting. I bumped shoulders with someone.

No, wait – that wasn’t the interesting thing.

As soon as I bumped shoulders, I became aware of my mind spinning out this story of how I would gain revenge on this person by boiling their children in a vat of snot whilst forcing their grandparents to watch. Before I could catch myself I had spun out a back-story for each of the family,Β a horrible fate for them, and a fool proof way for getting away with it.

Then I caught myself.

Then I caught myself catching myself.

I was in the throes of pouring forgiveness on myself, the shoulder bumper, their family (for bringing them up wrong) and God (for creating a universe where all this was allowed to happen) when I thought ‘whoa, Robert – what are you doing?!’

What I was doing was destroying a wonderful idea for a story. I was melting the idea making mechanism of my mind in acid and pouring it down the (metaphorical) drain!

What a fool I was!

And this is the same person that sometimes thinks that it’d be cool to be mugged, because it’d be really, really interesting experienceΒ to write about.

Hah – you fool, Robert.

So – this is me turning over a new leaf. I now welcome all new experiences and every manner of shoulder bumping.

So – bump me.

I challenge you.

Your children might not thank you, but at least you’ll be able to read about it on my blog!


22 thoughts on “The Idea Machine

    • You are my latter end, Bert. I will be Rob and you can be … oh, wait – who gets the b? I vote me!
      Imagination? No – just plain, old-fashioned, common (or garden) insanity. πŸ˜‰
      Kindness (and thanks for visiting) – Ro(b)ert.

      Liked by 1 person

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