Something Meaningful

These three things can change your life today. Have courage. Do one of them now. Wait for one hour then do the next. Give it another hour and then do the third.

Here goes …

Number One – go somewhere special, put a big smile on your face then jump up and down as many times as it takes whilst shouting “I am Love!!” three times at the top of your lungs

Number Two – get yourself a brand-new note – one that would buy you a cheap sandwich toaster, find a stranger who looks quite well off, walk up to them, smile, hand over the money and then walk off without saying a word (and no – you can’t give them your old sandwich toaster instead)

Number Three – sit yourself down somewhere comfortable, wrap your arms around yourself, stroke your back fondly and promise yourself an early night (and then, at the end of your day – stick to your word).

If, for any reason, you can’t do any of those things – you have yourself a beautiful day. 🙂

Blue Skies


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