Racial Discrimination in Games

I want to start a campaign for the rights of game players to be treated equally on the basis of the skin colour, body size, gender choices they make vis-à-vis the characters they choose to use.

Or looked at in a different way – I think that characters in games should not be treated differently on the basis of how they look and act.


Man, are we a strange set of creatures, or what?! Do you think that it is possible that, as souls, we choose the bodies we take up in this corporeal realm?

(… and this whole thing was inspired by my (possibly erroneous) understanding of this post: https://grimmgirl.com/2017/04/26/psa-pokeninja90-lita-kino-and-i-are-getting-ready-for-the-owls-april-livestream/)

6 thoughts on “Racial Discrimination in Games

  1. Hm, I never really considered the treatment of video game characters based on appearances. When I played games, I was mostly a single-player type of girl, so I don’t know if there’s much of a problem, though. I do think the inclusion of racism being a thing that exists in video games is a helpful teaching tool – specifically, (Have you played Skyrim? I feel like most people have) the racism/ghettoing of Argonians in Skyrim is a useful conversation-starter.
    I don’t know if we choose our specific bodies, but it’s an interesting thought.

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    • I was thinking that if we did choose our own bodies, then there must be a fair bit of ironic sniggering going down in the before/after realms. 🙂
      I wonder if, when AI develops sufficiently, the characters will begin to resent the skin-colour (etc.) choices of their ‘beings’ (for want of a better word – but I really mean ‘players’ I guess)?
      There is a group that are considering the whole question of racial inclusion in games – I think I put the link at the bottom of the post.
      Single player? I can understand that. I’m a bit like that myself.
      Be loose.

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