Cure for Tiredness

When I was 25 I decided that I was feeling too tired, lethargic and energyless so I did an experiment. I cut out all the things that I could think of in my diet that might make me feel that way – sugar, coffee, tea, sweets, alcohol and chocolate. I basically went cold turkey on the whole lot.

After a week or so of this (maybe the toxins took a while to leave my body/brain?) I started to feel amazing with so much energy and zing! It was a revelation to me how fantastic I felt!

Then I introduced these things back one by one to see how each made me feel. It would be, like –

  • I would drink a can of coke,
  • feel brilliant for 10 minutes,
  • start to itch after 20,
  • get a stomach ache after 30,
  • feel hot and bothered after 40 (these times are just ballpark),
  • feel depressed after an hour.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that my energy levels and wellness of mind would recover.

A week after that, when the coke was out of my system, I tried another of those substances and watched what happened.

Pretty much the same thing happened.

Since then I’ve not really touched those things … apart from chocolate.

Chocolate is my only downfall.

It’s bad for me, but I still love it.

Save me!!


How To Get more Followers!

I’m eight hours away from the end of the second monthly anniversary of this blog so I thought I’d share a tip with you as to how to get more followers on your blog.

Here’s my tip:


The thing is, I have 198 followers, and the second month ends in less than eight hours. I’d love to be able to say I got an average of one hundred new followers per month when tomorrow rolls around.

So – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want!  Follow my blog so that my dream can come true!! 🙂

Here’s a sweet and dreamy song as recompense. Enjoy!

‘Venturous Deeds

I shall sleep ’til the ending of time,
And on ‘venturous deeds will I dine,
Then return to my slumbering form,
Having memories none of my roam.

… which was reworked from a comment I made:
I will sleep ’til the end of time, and then come back to the beginning again, at which point I will wake up with no memory of my journey.

… on this post:

… which then (possibly (maybe)) influenced this wonderful prose:

… that caused me to make this comment:
“Hold on – I’m sure you nicked that idea from me! 🙂

… and caused this post to be written:

… which prompted me to go back and rework my comment into this post.

Isn’t life wonderful!! 😀

Lost Without People

I’m lost without people.

Strange to say that having made so much effort to walk out here,
to sit alone, on a bench,
facing the water,
with my back to the path that the people are walking by on.

Even stranger to think that my second love is nature,
and yet I’m tilting my head down
to cut off my view of nature
to focus my attention on this page
on these words.

My actions say
that the words are my first love
that expressing myself comes first
that being in and amongst yet separate from (nature and people) is more / less …

Anyway, the point is
that I like me better than all that other stuff.

what am I without a chance to express myself?
what am I without this bench?
this sunshine?
the birds?
the sky?
the earth?

What am I without the people that … that what?
What have people given to me?

Some validate my existence
Some refute my right to be who I am
Some are purely indifferent.

in nature
communicating with someone who loves me.
I suppose that’s my idea of heaven.


The Opposite of Depression

How do I betray myself?
What methods do I have
To fall below the wheels
Of my juggernaut life?

Oh, oh, oh
I cry out
In the pain
Of my Pity.

Delete, delete those words
They don’t say what I mean
They don’t mean enough
They mean too much.

But when I caution myself
When I cradle my heart
I only find that my words
Fly like fading sparks.

Blake knew.
Haig is lost.
I am almost
And yet not.

A long walk by another river
Took me to another house
Where they fed me and smiled.
Then she told me of her fear. Of me.

What part of me?
What part of me?
Which part of me
Feels the pain?

There’s no ending here.
Tomorrow lives on.
A transient summer.
One flower in an infinite meadow.