Busy Day

Well, folks – it’s one am and I’m finally on my bed ready to sleep. It’s been a lovely, but busy day. Having said that – I didn’t actually do much. Not really.

First off was a three and a half mile walk to the car boot sale at which I bought precisely nothing. Result! 🙂

Then … oh, no – tiredness has overtaken me! Other things happened, including a walk in the woods, a picnic by the river, a snooze on the sofa, a Sunday dinner, a late movie and this note to y’all.

If I was more awake I would give you a message, like ‘always be optimistic about finding pixie dust down the market’, but being as I’m mostly asleep I’ll just say ‘good night and thanks for sharing this planet with me’.

Sweet dreams.


23 thoughts on “Busy Day

    • Realised that I’m living a life that’s already covered in pixie dust. Just have to keep that vision and live it every day. So fortunate to be me. I must have performed some good karma at some point.

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