Nothing But Life

Ain’t had time to do nothing but live this weekend. That means no time to record any of that life on my blog.

But I have to just say that I love you all. Every single person reading this (and a fair few that are not) have a special place in my heart and life and I thank you all for your special contribution to it.


14 thoughts on “Nothing But Life

      • Loving that emoticon thang you got going there! If’n I were Freud, or one of those psychoanalytical dudes I’d be, like going crazy about them. I’d be ‘yes, JM seems to have an intense preoccupation with the evil in her life. She sees it as being something powerful (the explosion) and so tries to ward herself from it (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil) whilst at the same time acknowledging that she needs to hang loose (shaka) and acknowledge the head-banging aspects of life (hand symbol used for the devil by heavy metal fans). She then reminds herself to be careful, because she might still sell herself to the devil despite her warning to herself.’
        You’re smart. I think we might get on. 😉
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Hahaha – thanks! 🙂
        Small hours of the morning for you? That was about the time I went to sleep last night and then I got up at 6.30am to come here. I should feel tired, but actually I feel great!
        Ah well, p’raps I should get some work done now.

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