For Sure

For Sure

For sure you will be able to see what may truly be.
For sure you will move back into sync with the rhythm of your emotions.
For sure you will harness the energy of what was once good.
For sure you will walk on a bold path to the fullness of tomorrow.
For sure, for sure, for sure.


(inspired by Kristen at:


15 thoughts on “For Sure

      • My day? Hmm – it’s okay I suppose. I’m at work, which means I’m supposed to be working now. I have something interesting to do, but I’m not doing it. I guess I find this more interesting. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it means I get to talk about me. I like thinking and talking about me when there’s no pressure to do it, but if someone was to try to make me talk about myself – I would fight them all the way. Figure that one out! 🙂
        I used to find it difficult to get out of bed when I had done something I was ashamed of the previous day. It made me unwilling to risk facing the same situation again. Gyms and books would be easy for me, though. For you too? I guess that people are the most challenging thing for me. I fancy being a stand-up comedian to try to slam through that feeling. I push against things that scare me. Unless they terrify me. Hmm.
        You make me think.
        That’s good.
        What are you reading?


      • I to hate talking about myself but yes it comes in random spurs doesnt it :). I only work part time as I’m a student but I am actually on vacation now for the week. I just literally never want to get out of bed for no reason at all. Stand-up comedian… that is awesome! I have similar ideas, but rather to deliver a speech. Once that is complete i’ve reached my ultimate goal! …oh and I will start something new today I just finished my other book yesterday. I bought a few books on sale yesterday though so I’ll have to see whats good.

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      • Let me know what you start reading next – I’m always on the lookout for recommendations. 🙂
        S’funny how I can talk to strangers more easily than those close to me. Less dangerous I guess. Although, why I should consider talking to people to be ‘dangerous’ is beyond me. I mean, what do I think they’re going to do with information about my inner mental life anyway! Strange the way my mind works.
        What are you studying?
        I find the Ted Talks to be pretty amazing. Some of those guys are really funny too. Elizabeth Gilbert is a good example. She has the audience eating from her hand. I would love to get to that level. Give her a look if you want to know the art of the possible. 🙂
        Going to bed now. Hope you have a restful sleep when your time comes.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Changed your profile pic? 🙂
        Okay – I should be more interested in what you say, right?
        Yeah, accounting is boring for some, but I love numbers and their practical applications. Hope it sets your party on fire too. 🙂
        My night was good – how was yours?


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