I’m stuck.

I need to edit a piece of writing (Let Her Stay (full)) to be able to submit the second draft for peer-review tomorrow, but I can’t seem to get started.

I’m vacillating between alternate endings:

  • keep the current ending (mass death) or
  • rewrite it to make it into a non-harming spectacle.

I’m already sure that I’m going to junk the epilogue so at least that’s a load off.

I guess at the end of the day, I’m not sure which of these endings reflects the characteristics of the protagonists.

Running out of time.

Other consideration(s):

  • should add a sub-plot?
  • erm, okay that was easy – I can’t think of any others.

Things I definitely need to do:

  • read through all Draft One comments
  • take out anything cliched and replace
  • take out anything remotely funny
  • take out stuff that’s over the top
  • convert the prequel to third-party
  • decide where to insert the prequel
  • beef up the motivations of the characters
  • make sure the imagery is sharp.

I have until tomorrow to do this. I need to stop worrying because this is only the second draft that I am producing here, not the final version.

I have an ache in my neck and my whole body is feeling tense and sore.


Actually, I feel better now that I have the task encapsulated. All I have to do is do it now.


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