Accept Change

I’m told that some people try to avoid change – can you believe that? As far as I am concerned there is nothing nicer than change – it’s one of the best things about life!

I mean – you go down to the shops and get something new and what happens? Change is what happens, my friend! And it’s wonderful.

I always accept change. I love the sound it makes as I add it to my life, and I simply adore the way it jingles when I slip my hand into my pocket to play with it afterwards.

Heck, I even have a pet called Gilbert, who looks after my small change. He lives with it in my pocket, and he’s fab! Fat and round and nice – just the right kind of smooth for my fingers to slip around. The best pebble that a boy could have!

So, yes – I think that you should always accept change. There really is nothing nicer.


(inspired by Shaloo

42 thoughts on “Accept Change

  1. Hahahahaha! I can relate. I picked up a square gray rock in the parking lot of my old grade school when it was torn down back in 1978. I kept it in my pocket for over a decade, most of it lived in deep South Texas. Every time I took hold of it in my pocket it made me feel a bit better about the crap that goes on in a school teacher’s life. And I always had in mind that if any kid got totally out of line, I could throw it as his head. It got me through a lot of things and I never went to prison or got fired for throwing it. And it spent a lot of time hugging my pocket change too.

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  2. I hardly ever have any change because I almost never pay in cash! Canada stopped minting new pennies in 2012 (I wasn’t here at the time, so I didn’t notice), so no more lucky pennies for us.

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  3. First, I love your writing. Second, third and so on, this is the best way to accept “change”. Next time someone tells me to stop being so rigid and to accept change, I will narrate this with pride and say that I always accept change 😊

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