Go To The Other Side

I know a great way to stop pain on one side of your body from bothering you. It also works really well for things like pins and needles.

Caution – do not try this if one of your fingers, hands or arms has been inadvertently severed. For that, you should seek a qualified medical practitioner – or, at the very least, someone who is good with a needle and thread – maybe your Aunty Mabel? And for God’s sake, put a basin under it – you’re getting blood all over the carpet!

So, here’s the trick – if you stub your toe, knock your hand against something hard, touch a nettle, or something similar, perform these simple steps (no, don’t worry – it’s not a dance):

  • locate the corresponding part on the opposite side of your body (yes, that means your big toe on the foot that was not involved in the toe stubbing incident)
  • check if it hurts (it will not (unless you’ve got an ingrowing toenail or something))
  • if it does not hurt, then smile.

The reason you can smile is that it’s now time for your pain to go away. Do this one thing and your discomfort will vanish from your consciousness like magic. Here’s the one thing:

Concentrate on the part of your body that is not hurting!

It might help you to focus if you stroke the non-hurting side of your body gently. Just don’t do that with the part of your body that hurts – that’s all.

The trick is, therefore, to divert your attention to the opposite part of your body in order to distract the brain. You see the thing is that, even though we only use a fraction of our brain power, the fraction that we do use only has the capacity to attend to and process a limited amount of incoming information. And it usually attends to the stuff that you are concentrating your attention on. So why not use this to your advantage!

There’s probably all sorts of scientific evidence to back this phenomenon up, but I’ve never read it. I just noticed how my own body and mind works. So, remember – you heard it here first.

Of course, if you do the experiments and publish your findings in a Scientific Journal and become famous from this – I wouldn’t mind a mention, but for now – go forth and enjoy your new, pain-free life!


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