Perfect Food

Cheese & Crisp Sandwich

I love it when a good cheese and crisp* sandwich comes together. Sometimes the shapes of the crisps fall just right – just like a jigsaw puzzle, and that satisfying crunch when the top slice goes on is made all the more perfect by the anticipation of just the right amount of crisp and cheese per mouthful. Yum!

*Crisp – British word for potato-chip


32 thoughts on “Perfect Food

  1. haven’t had one of those since I was 6 – with spaghetti mixed in – the days when bread was perfect wrapper for anything 🙂

    is this a common comfort food sandwich where you’re from? here in States, was sure I was the only one who’d come up with it haha

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    • I find that cheese sandwiches are a sovereign treatment for feeling down. And the crisps just add an extra dimension. That crunchy feeling is awesome! I haven’t tried spaghetti on bread, but lets see what the future holds. 😀

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