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It’s difficult for me to take responsibility for the effects my words have on people.

I see the things I say as having their own life once they leave my mouth. They have their own force and energy and they go places of their own choosing.

Like bullets from a gun, once they have left the barrel, my words have the freedom to choose their own targets and do what they may with them.

Likewise, I have no control over the way that people are affected by my words. People duck and weave in patterns of their own choosing. They dodge or they stand still – it’s up to them.

And when my words hit their target, the people have made the choice to wear kevlar or not. The depth to which my words penetrate into their minds and lives is determined by how much armour they chose to wear before they ever knew me.

And should the people choose to keep my words within them, or have them surgically removed by a qualified practitioner of the art of word removal; well that is also within their purview.

In matters of the heart, the ownerΒ of said heart has all rights.


21 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Absolutely love the last line. (Doesn’t mean I dislike the rest πŸ˜‰). You cannot always predict the effects your words have on others; all you can do is be as kind and compassionate as possible.

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  2. We do wield words sometimes, don’t we? Well, I for one treasure your words, for what it’s worth. You’re the only person I know who signs of with “Kindness – Robert” That is original and it hits mah heart target whenever I see it. β™₯︎

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  3. I define responsibility as The willingness to be a cause in the matter. True that one has a choice of how others words affect, it does not relieve me of responsibility for what I may choose to spew

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