Write It Down

Let It Out - Saachi

Isn’t it odd that we love slasher stories when they are in writing and yet get scared when the blade materialises before our own eyes.

It’s almost as if ‘bad stuff’, when it’s written down, becomes fiction and therefore becomes enjoyable.

But sometimes it isn’t.
Sometime it isn’t fiction.
And sometimes it isn’t written down.
Maybe the worst tragedies come about when it’s the latter.


(inspired by Joss: https://she-who-hears.net/2017/05/07/i-vaguely-sensed-i-was-not-being-any-too-smart/)

(Image by M&C Saatchi – without permission, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind – it’s an ad)


5 thoughts on “Write It Down

  1. Is an event more tragic because it hasn’t been documented? Perhaps the opposite is true: an event is less tragic if it hasn’t been recorded, as there are no future witnesses to consider it tragic. Like the tree falling in the forest with no observers.

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    • I was thinking more from the POV of the person sharing the information. It’s better for that person to let it out than to keep it bottled up inside. I’m not talking about a full page ad in The Times – it can be just saying something to a close friend. There’s a link at the bottom to the blog post that inspired this. I think she is brave and wise to share the things she does and I was trying to support her in that I guess. And, of course what you say is true too, from the perspective of the weight and burden of bad news in the world. That would be good if we could lessen it. But maybe not at the cost of personal growth and healing. 😉

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  2. Ah, okay. I also admire the courage of those who share their traumatic past/present publicly, so that others can benefit from the lessons they’ve learned. Will check out that link shortly. 😊

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