Sex Writing (Not)

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I want to write about sex. But I can’t. So I’m going to write about not writing about sex.

I don’t write about sex because it is a subject that has too many ties into too many things. It pulls people in ways that they don’t want to be pulled. It pulls them into the open and it makes them more real – and the last thing we need these days is more reality, right? There’s enough of that on the news every day!

I have a shoulder ache at the moment.

I was offered a shoulder massage last night, but I turned it down because I recognised that the problem is in my mind, not in my body.

My mind has hands that are pulling at the tendons and muscles in my shoulder and neck. It has a hard hold on them and is pulling them tight from the inside.

If someone were to take hold of those same muscles from the outside and try to pull them … well, maybe they would relax, or, perhaps they would snap. I’m afraid of breaking. If I broke – where would that leave me!

People have their hand firmly on their sex (yeah, I just realised how that sounds) and they are pulling the threads of it tight from the inside. If I were to take hold and pull from the outside …


So I don’t write about sex. Simples.


41 thoughts on “Sex Writing (Not)

      • Ooh, a modern non-exploitive Marquis de Sade!
        PS: Definitely impressed with lascivious. 🙂 I cannot even trust myself with “”similarly”, despite my love of the word.

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      • Right there with you, Joss. I’ve only just got to grips with ‘separately’!
        And … What! Can’t I do just a little pickle bit of exploiting?
        *puts on winning smile*


    • Scares me though. I mean – there are things in my head that no one needs to know about – right? But then again – I just read a book called Typical American Male (or something like that) and my thoughts are nothing like as extreme as that.
      But, yeah – as a general rule – my head is a bit more entertaining than life. 🙂


      • (just saw the book as I passed – it was The Average American Male)
        I’ve never his stuff. He wrote American Psycho yes? I saw the movie. It was … yeah, he seems to wear his insides on the outside (no, not like Superman). Chuck Pa … the guy that wrote Fight Club is another one like that. Yeah, I need to use me more in my writing. But what will my mum think!
        You make me think. I like that.

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      • Give her a copy with some pages missing lol!
        The book is far superior and XXX rated. as a frequenter of upmarket London bars I do think twice about the city boys and what madness they get up to behind closed doors. B.E-E is Donna Tarrt’s mentor – have you read tThe Goldfinch? I wish I knew how to input so much detail into my work like that! (Fabulous, fabulous!)
        Fight Club is also one of my Favs – who knew my life would become a single serving??
        Glad to get you thinking 😊

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      • I could do two versions of the book in which I use the unexpurgated contents of my mind – one, for general release, containing 600 pages of tightly written … stuff and the other for my mom to read. Thing is, the other version would have, like two pages in it. Font size 20. With illustrations. 🙂
        The books are always better. You have piqued my interest in B.E-E (gawd that took longer to type than his full name!), Donna T (faster) and … everything else you’re going to tell me about.
        Upmarket London bars, huh! So you’re a posh bint. 😉 (okay, okay – I’ll shut up now before I get myself into (even more) trouble. 🙂

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      • Yeah, mom means my mum (I misspell her name sometimes by using the US version). Bint is a word I don’t really know the meaning of, but I didn’t mean anything derogatory. Okay – I’ll read the books.
        Smut? Hmm. Old smut or new smut? :b

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      • Back in Blightly?
        I’ve been reading up on Ibiza. I want to go to the quieter sides. Have you ever read Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig? He has a major attack of depression and anxiety on Ibiza when he was working there but he mentions one place he loves (I’ll have to look it up later – it begins with Strom… maybe).
        Sorry I’ve been quiet. I have some ideas. 🙂

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      • I am not really familiar with Goodreads, you must know me by now, pretentious types and wanna be literary critics is not my scene. Lots of lovely ppl on there, I know, buuuut I’m too weird and bohemian with a love for children’s literature to get involved – possibly I have no idea what I am talking about …. please enlighten me…

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      • My advice would be to stick to WordPress for your interactions with lovely ppl and just use Goodreads for keeping track of what books you read (and what you intend to read) in a very basic way. You can put your thoughts about them in there but it’s not really necessary. I guess I just like organising things. I have a strong left brain (I’m a Software Designer and Developer) and a strong right brain (you’ve seen the stuff I write, right?) Don’t know why I said that now. Weird and bohemian are two of my favourite traits in a person. 🙂


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