Boring disturbs.
A bear in my mind – grumpy and bite.
Elephant on my chest – gestating dumpily.

And it’s not that I never don’t not know what I do
As I augment with whorls and crenulations.
Serif to my courier.

It’s plain to me that the milk in my tea is sour.
I know it well.
I know.

But still
Still I bite.

Ah, still the mind and stir the heart.


14 thoughts on “Still

    • I’m not so big on poetry. I can usually only riff off other people’s stuff. Which actually, when I think about it, would work rather well with what you have in mind. Probably.
      Okay – I agree. 🙂
      My name is Robert. I don’t believe I know your name?


      • Hi my name I. Ashutosh and what I have in mind is wanna make a really nice poem on topics like depression and anxiety. I always find difficulty in writing things that are like can effect peoples on personal level. And what I think is we can work together like we both will write a poem on these topics under same tag and link each other and post on some same day. is my email
        Id let me know what are your suggestion for working in collaboration.


      • Hiya, Ashutosh – nice to finally get your name. 🙂 You’re in Ahmedabad, right? Nice place. Spent a lot of time there when I used to go to the Raj Yoga Centre over in Hansol – near the Airport.
        I don’t have any interest at all in writing about depression and anxiety. I thing that the more we let the mind linger on an idea, the stronger it gets. If you like, I can provide the positive point of view to your poems. They are just as likely to affect people on a personal level, so that could totally work. I’m just going to communicate on the blog if you don’t mind, Ashutosh – my life’s complicated enough without adding email communication into it. 🙂


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