blurred on phone

I was walking down the street the other day, minding my own business as much as any writer does; which is to say poking my nose into every sound, shape and smell that happened across my path, when I walked past three young girls. The oldest, she might have been about ten, was holding a mobile phone.

She peered at the screen and read this:

“Hi, I’m Michael and I’m seven. And my sister just murdered me.”

The girl then laughed, and by the time anything else was said I was out of earshot.

Around the corner and far away I realised that these words were still bounding around inside my skull. So I typed them into my phone thinking ‘that’d make a good opening for a story!’

I notice that I seem to be writing a lot about death (and about death a lot) recently. This worries me somewhat. I don’t go through life thinking about death. I don’t dream about it. I think it’s fair to say that death is not a big part of my life. And yet, still, I keep killing my characters.

If there are any psychologists, psychotherapists or psychiatrists reading this, then feel easy about giving me a free thirty-second consultation.

Other than that – have yourself a fine day.

And don’t worry – I’ll do my best not to incorporate you into my fictional world.


16 thoughts on “Michael

  1. Hello Robert, now your comments to me elsewhere make more sense to me. We Buddhists become more aware on a fairly constant basis of our impermanence in this life, and some of us in the field of psychology enjoy the diversion of a good thriller. Maybe the dabbling into death is a flirtation with the awareness of the fact that the proverbial Acme safe could drop on us at any time.

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    • Yes, I do sense that my flirtations with death in my writing are a kind of preparation for the inevitable – not just for me but for everyone I know. I feel that if I can explore my emotions around it in advance, I will be made stronger and attain more resilience.
      Thanks for dropping by, Shielagh – I appreciate that. 🙂
      Kindness – Robert.

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  2. Death is the ultimate resolution, yes? You die and don’t have to worry about taxes, what your extended family thinks of you, and then you get to find out what’s on the other side. Reincarnation, heaven, lack of awareness…it’ll finally be answered!
    Oh man, I sound like I’m writing a brochure for suicide.
    In a story, I think death is a way to get rid of someone and give the other characters something to respond to.
    …that’ll be $50. 🙂

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  3. Well, since we can’t control the ‘inevitable’, I decided to become 99. Until then…well, I enjoy reading your stories in which you murder your characters…as long as it ‘stays’ in your stories, I think you will be just fine 😉

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