Orphaned Paper


I bought fries the other day and on the way out of the shop I picked up one of those tiny packets of salt – just in case.

Good job I picked up that little packet – there was no salt on the fries at all. So I ripped the top off that little pack and stuffed it (the top) into my pocket – save the environment and all of that.

Having sprinkled the salt onto the fries and finished eating them, I came across a bin in the street and so I popped the bottom of the salt packet into the fries wrapper and dropped the whole lot into the bin.

That was yesterday.

This morning I felt something in the bottom of my pocket and so pulled it out. It was the top of the tiny packet of salt.

I felt obscurely sad that the top and the bottom of that empty salt packet had to finish the rest of their existence separated from each other. I felt a pang of regret as I put the top of the packet in a different bin at home. I felt that I had disappointed both halves of the packet by destroying their togetherness and violating their integrity.

Then I consoled myself with the thought that the universe is still one and that all things are interpenetrated and interconnected.

And then I wrote this.


46 thoughts on “Orphaned Paper

    • You know, that’s a very touching comment, Audrey. I wasn’t thinking in terms of people, but what you just said shines! 🙂
      How’s your day going? Hope you have some sunshine and showers and that the plants are made happy thereby.
      Kindness – Robert.


    • You know, it’s nice of you to say that because I was thinking that I was a little odd in thinking that way. Of course it doesn’t make it less so, but at least I have company. 🙂
      Kindness – Robert.

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  1. When you got to know that you separated them….why didn’t you run to that bin and drop it in? If the bin were clear…that was your responsibility to take that piece to the place where all the garbage are collected and find the other half from the heap and establish the togetherness again!!!!
    I just said a lot of shit!!!😂
    But it was nice reading this post✌

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    • Hey, Robbie – you came! Welcome, welcome. 🙂
      I get people saying that I have a sense of humour all the time and part of me refuses to get the joke. For me, this is just a slice of life. I actually took the top of that salt packet from the wastepaper basket in my bedroom and carried it to the bin where I’d put the bottom of the salt packet. As I dropped it in, I had the thought that they would find each other again. It was a very poignant moment. 😉
      Have yourself a great day, Robbie and thanks for dropping by.
      Kindness – Robert.

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    • I had a poignant moment this morning as I dropped the packet top that I had taken from the wastepaper basket at home into the bin that I’d dropped the packet bottom into. I like to think that they’ll find each other again. 🙂


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