Mystery Blogger Award

mystery blogger award.jpg

Thanks a lot to Himanshi Shukla, who blogs at The Caged Bird Sings for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award – yay! 🙂

Himanshi has been a great supporter of this blog, which has only just had its 6 weeks birthday! In fact – thanks to everyone for your support and love.

I enjoyed reading the answers Himanshi gave to Nel (who nominated her for this award) and I’m thankful for the questions Himanshi has given me (see below for my answers).

So, without further ado, on with the show:

Q1. Faith or religion? Or do you correlate them?
I think that faith and religion are different things. One can have faith in so many different things, e.g. government, ice cream, parents or the internet. God is a better thing for us to have faith in. Religion can be helpful as a structure for worship and for life, but faith in God is something that goes beyond religion. Even when physical structures and systems fail, faith in God is something that can carry us through because it is not subject to physical or material stresses and strains. In fact, it takes us up and sustains us when all the world fails us.

Q2. Do you think that novel reading can be the best hobby? If so, then why? Apart from having faith in God, reading books is definitely the best hobby to have. It can educate us, take us to new worlds and can make long train journeys pass as swiftly as an ice cream on a sunny day.

Q3. What are your views on feminism? I’m all for feminism. I’m also in favour of meninism. In fact – I have a soft spot for all people. I’m also quite keen on animals, plants, microbes, rocks, planets, stars and galaxies. This is universe is quite cool too. 😉

That’s it. 🙂

I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically, but if you want to take up this challenge yourself, then feel free to answer the following three questions, either in the comments or on your own blog under the heading Mystery Blogger Award. 🙂

Questions for you (yep, you):

Q1. Why did you take up blogging?
Q2. What has been your favourite song, movie or food this week?
Q3. If you could have anything in your right hand now (and I really mean anything), what would it be?

Have a great day!


27 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Congrats on Mystery Blogger Award!!!!!
    1. I took up blogging to share my passion and discoveries of music with everyone
    2. Favourite song has been River of Jordan by band Need TO Breathe
    3. I would have in my right hand a new iPhone because my old one is flying apart.


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