Interesting Light

I was sitting in the kitchen last night watching a movie and when it finished I looked towards the window expecting it to be dark outside, but it wasn’t. Instead of black, I saw the most interesting light I’d seen for a long time. It was past 9pm but I could see the remnants of sunshine in the sky, which had painted the clouds with all manner of lurid shades of orange and pink.

Without a second thought I pulled on my boots, picked up the phone and went outside into the gathering gloom, determined to catch the light before it disappeared.

The camera on my old HTC One doesn’t do justice to the real sky as it appeared to my eyes, but this is the best shot I could find in my Gallery this morning:

Lurid sky

On the way back home I took some shots of the trees and bushes, fascinated by the effects of the flash in the fast fading light. Here’s my favourite:

lurid leaves

I never know what to think when people gawp at me. I was walking along looking at my phone and when I looked up, a teenage boy was staring at me as he went past on his bike. Was he just curious, or was he the lookout for a gang of feral youths determined to set upon the unwary traveller, rob him of his phone and the £13.63 in his pocket, then leave his body, battered and bruised in the gutter!

Anyway, suffice to say I made it safely back home and then went to bed a couple of hours later feeling happier about my evening than if I’d just stayed home.

Yay for interesting light.


54 thoughts on “Interesting Light

  1. Yay to being unstuck! 😁
    Photos never do the sky justice. (I took pictures of a rainbow a couple of days ago.)
    You had £13.63 in cash with you? That’s more than $24 CDN! Gotta be careful carrying so much dough. 😉

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      • You know, it’s strange, but life keeps doing this to me, Peggy. I no sooner announce an opinion on something I know nothing about when a true expert turns up and sets me to rights. It’s wonderful! What’s your child’s experience of synaesthesia as described? To be honest – it sounds like a fascinating subject. I’ve only experienced something like it once (when I briefly saw the colours of one of Mozart’s pieces of music).

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      • It’s funny how we found out Petra is a synaesthete. Almost 20 years ago, my husband heard a program about synaesthesia on the car radio. He came home and asked the kids if anyone saw colours with letters or heard sounds with colours or letters etc, and Petra said, ‘Yeah, sure, doesn’t everyone?’ She ended up being part of a study in Canberra. To this day, she still sees exactly the same colour for a particular letter as she did in her early teens.

        We don’t talk about it much anymore. It’s just part of her being. It’s thought to be hereditary and we’ll never know how it came down the line.

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      • Boggles my mind to think how many people might be having wonderful experiences in the world and, because they think everyone experiences the same thing, never mention it. I love how complex life is. 🙂
        Best regards to y’all, Peggy.

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