How to Win at Football

I was listening to a football* match the other day and one of the players was called Schindler. He happened to be on the opposition team, but I remember thinking that I wanted him to do well because he saved all those Jews from the Nazis in that movie – Schindler’s List.

And that’s when I had the idea of how to assemble the most popular football team in the world.

This team would be supported by everyone and, as you well know – a team that has their fans behind them, urging them on, is absolutely unstoppable.

Here’s how to do it. Have each of the players in your team, regardless of their ability, change their name, officially, to one that is famously popular.

So, for example, you could have, amongst others – Pope John Paul & The Buddha in defence, Mahatma Ghandi & The Dalai Lama in midfield and Martin Luther King Jr. & Shah Rukh Khan as strikers. Of course, Jesus Christ would be in goal, primarily because he has a reputation for saving on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter which sport you pick – this principle will apply to all. So, whose name would you adopt for your favourite team player?
*Some of y’all, in other parts of the world, might know The Glorious Game as Soccer. You’d be wrong, of course, but that can’t be helped.

30 thoughts on “How to Win at Football

  1. Haha! This cracks me up: Jesus as goalkeeper. I was just at my daughter’s soccer game today and there were so many times we applauded the goalie for stopping a shot. So if Jesus had been in the game, we would have been yelling, “Good job, Jesus!” Makes me laugh.

    I would have Helen Keller on my team.

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    • I love the way you’re thinking! 🙂 If you had a big, hefty bloke on your team called Helen Keller then all the supporters of both teams would be, like – we don’t want anyone to tackle Helen! Let her have the ball! Let her score a goal!! 😃


    • Shawn Mendes is ENORMOUSLY popular here in the UK. Congrats on your good taste. 🙂
      Of course I know Shah Rukh Khan – he’s a world class actor! I saw him do a Ted Talk yesterday – he’s also a wise (and very funny) guy. 🙂
      What’s your favourite Bollywood actor?

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      • I love that guy so much I’m sure I’m going to marry him. ( not shah rukh khan but shawn mendes I meant) and you are not supposed to laugh. I kinda have many and on the top are farhan akhtar abhay deol and some old cult movies actors.

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      • Good choices! I suppose Hrithik Roshan got old now. 🙂 I must admit to being quite partial to Katrina Kaif.
        Nothing wrong with wanting to marry Shawn – he’s worth a few crore (maybe).

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      • Yes he is. Katrina kaif is like fine but her career has been going down lately. I didn’t knew Indian actors were so popular I thought no body knows them.
        Clare xx
        P. S. I kinda know alot of them because my father belongs to India.

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      • I know how to quote Indian actors because I am a black-belt in Googling. 😉
        One of my more recent ambitions idto write for Indian publications. I reckon that they would appreciate the English point of view – what do you think, Clare?

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      • What are you waiting for???? What on earth is taking you so long. Do that. I’m sure you’ll be popular within minutes of those articles coming out. But don’t forget me or my blogs. Just kidding. Look for RUSTY and it’s sequels and the blue umbrella. So far I have read only these of him. You can Google others afterall you have a black belt in it. Hehe

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      • Hmm – Rusty looks a bit young for me, but the reviews are amazing (the philosophy of simplicity, melancholy and nostalgia all rolled into one). File under: If’n I see it I’ll get it but I ain’t gonna go looking. 🙂
        Waiting? I’m waiting until I find my writing to be amazing. Yesterday I looked at something that I wrote a couple of years ago and I actually cringed! I’ll get there. 🙂

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      • It happens sometimes. I looked at the first story of mine that I wrote back when I was 8 and I have to say it was full full of mistakes. But it was kinda funny though it had to be serious. I wrote it in a more screenplay type. Like the beginning with ‘the breakfast club’s music in the background, slowly the camera moves’ hahah. Maybe rusty is but you aren’t that old.
        Clare xx

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      • No you’re not. I’m just nowhere near you. You seriously write amazing, and I just write. I started reading dictionary in order to increase my vocabulary. It’s bad but after a month of trying it just became super boring.

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