How to Brush your Teeth

Buy a toothbrush.

Buy some toothpaste.

Put some toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Scrape it it off again in the edge of the sink.

Take plastic wrapper off of toothbrush.

Scrape toothpaste on edge of sink into bristles of toothbrush.

Put toothbrush in mouth.

Take toothbrush out of mouth.

Looks at blob of toothpaste that has fallen from toothbrush onto bathroom floor.

Try to decide if the three second rule applies to toothpaste.

Decide that it doesn’t due to having flushed toilet without lid being down.

Pick a piece of old tissue from the bin.

Wipe blob of toothpaste up.

Throw tissue in bin.

Throw toothbrush in bin.

Pick up mouthwash and try to read the sell by date on the side.

Give up trying to read sell by date.

Open mouthwash and drink half the bottle.

Look at label and realise it say No Alcohol.

Put cap back on and throw bottle in bin.

Go to bed.


46 thoughts on “How to Brush your Teeth

  1. I’m not sure if I should offer a hug or tell you that in an emergency, you can get a pretty good buzz off the bottle of Robtussin in your medicine cabinet…

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  2. I’m sure this is complete fiction with no basis in reality. πŸ˜‰
    Maybe next time, it would be better to get a whole tube of toothpaste rather than just a blob of it. 😁

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