Long Day

Left for work at 6.50am and arrived back home at 8.10pm. Still, I got the chance to meet my new team, received a whole bunch of information about management plans within that team and got a couple of free pizzas.

Long day, but I guess I have to acknowledge that this is the normal course of events for some of the senior managers in this team. They seem to put their life on hold and devote it to the company. I have nothing but respect and more than a little admiration for them.

Not sure why I never felt the need to throw my life so far out of balance. Maybe if I worked in an industry that I love as much as my hobbies and interests, instead of merely doing a job that I would (at times) do for free. Maybe then I would put the hours in. But as it is … I keep a balance.
Still, I did meet some genuinely nice people today. And the pizza was good too.

Glad it’s time to sleep.

18 thoughts on “Long Day

  1. Quite a long day indeed! I also marvel at the owners of the company I work for; they work ridiculous hours (12 to 14 hour days) and are reachable almost 24/7 for business matters. They are passionate about their company’s vision, and would do anything to bring it to fruition. One of the owners has three young kids, who obviously don’t see their dad much.

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