MA Creative Writing

Status Update –  I have submitted the final assignment for the first year of the Masters in Creative Writing that I’m doing with the Open Universityend of Status Update

*Robert wonders what he’s going to write about now*

*Robert wanders off to make a nice cup of tea*

*Robert gets tired of self-referencing*

*Robert does it anyway*

*Robert yawns*

*Robert …*


42 thoughts on “MA Creative Writing

  1. Congrats, Robert! I get the feeling you like to refer to yourself in the third person. (I pick up on subtleties once in a while 😉).
    You could write about foreign lasses nicking your ideas, and your generous acceptance of 50p per idea! 😋

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      • Ibiza changes your writing voice? Nienthat sounds interesting. I’d love the I know how that works! 🙂 Subject wise or tonally? Trying to think what affects my voice but not sure if I’ve settled on one yet. I’m obsessed with murder and death at the moment, which suprises me because I don’t think about in life. Subconsciousness? Maybe that affects me more than surroundings.
        Anyhoo – hope you have a great day.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      • Yes, I’m very dreamy yet succinct.
        I am spending the summer looking though my various pieces and trying to see my processes. It’s not something I’ve thought about prior to the MA.
        I only think of love and magic, murder and death seem more fun!

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      • I started with love. It just seemed like the easy option so my first novel was a love triangle with a serial killer twist kind of thing. Magic? Don’t think I’ve ever tried that. Difficult for me to do because I’ve never experienced it in ‘real life’. But then again – same with murder. 🙂
        So – summer in Ibiza as a holiday or is that where you live?

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      • I actually write about loneliness and the desire for connection, it is still love but more the absence of. The magic is in the many fated incidents experienced and felt. Possibly if you were regressed … or your character, they might find out they murdered or desired to in a past life …

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      • Can you imagine murdering someone?
        Oh. Wait – don’t answer that. Perhaps too strange a question for a first … meeting of minds.
        Strange that you should write about that because that’s exactly where I am right now. I don’t usually go there, but all the same – here I am.
        So when you say magic, we’re not talking Harry P here. 🙂
        I wouldn’t mind a dose of regression, or hypnotism but I think I’m all kinds of resistant and quite probably immune. Do you have to let go for it to work?

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      • I love the magic and mystery of the universe. Magic is probably the wrong word but I’m lassoing it all in here from anthropological beliefs to spells and enchantment. You have to look inside to fully understand and yes, you would have to give over and let go

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      • But I’m a man! Difficult for me to let go. But I know that I must. *sigh*
        I meditate sometimes. I feel connected to magic then. I’m feeling tentative with these words. Unexplored territory.

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      • Never been to Ibiza. Nearest I have been is visiting friends in Spain and being driven to the coast (them Spanish are maniacs on the road – much more skilful and daring than English drivers). (oh … I should have checked before I started dissing the Spanish – are you one? 😬😊).
        First time I’ve known anyone use the word brouhaha! Made me smile.


    • One year down, one to go. Typical teething problems – hopefully, ironed out for the second tranche. I learned a lot but under my own steam. Some had good experiences with the tutor, but not me. The students are people but they were asked to do most of the assessing and reviewing. Not ideal to be assessed by someone who is learning too. Material is good, if a little basic. If you read Linda Anderson – Creative Writing and Derek Neale – A Creative Writing Handbook then you have most of it. Overall – not good, not bad and if you’re the right kind of person, you’ll thrive.
      Hope that helps.
      Kindness – Robert.

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  2. I dropped out of the education program this week (it turns out that someone who doesn’t like kids probably shouldn’t become a teacher. Who knew!), and I actually just began to really consider applying for a MA in creative writing today! It’s what I’ve always wanted. I’m so impressed with people like you who actually do it.

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    • Ha! You’re funny (in a good way). 🙂
      Make sure that when you do the MA, you wring every single drop of blood … er, sorry – help out of your tutor. Be merciless. Take every single support you can and question everything!
      Hope the kids aren’t missing you too much! 🙂

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