The Opposite of Depression

How do I betray myself?
What methods do I have
To fall below the wheels
Of my juggernaut life?

Oh, oh, oh
I cry out
In the pain
Of my Pity.

Delete, delete those words
They don’t say what I mean
They don’t mean enough
They mean too much.

But when I caution myself
When I cradle my heart
I only find that my words
Fly like fading sparks.

Blake knew.
Haig is lost.
I am almost
And yet not.

A long walk by another river
Took me to another house
Where they fed me and smiled.
Then she told me of her fear. Of me.

What part of me?
What part of me?
Which part of me
Feels the pain?

There’s no ending here.
Tomorrow lives on.
A transient summer.
One flower in an infinite meadow.

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