Cure for Tiredness

When I was 25 I decided that I was feeling too tired, lethargic and energyless so I did an experiment. I cut out all the things that I could think of in my diet that might make me feel that way – sugar, coffee, tea, sweets, alcohol and chocolate. I basically went cold turkey on the whole lot.

After a week or so of this (maybe the toxins took a while to leave my body/brain?) I started to feel amazing with so much energy and zing! It was a revelation to me how fantastic I felt!

Then I introduced these things back one by one to see how each made me feel. It would be, like –

  • I would drink a can of coke,
  • feel brilliant for 10 minutes,
  • start to itch after 20,
  • get a stomach ache after 30,
  • feel hot and bothered after 40 (these times are just ballpark),
  • feel depressed after an hour.

It wasn’t until a couple of days later that my energy levels and wellness of mind would recover.

A week after that, when the coke was out of my system, I tried another of those substances and watched what happened.

Pretty much the same thing happened.

Since then I’ve not really touched those things … apart from chocolate.

Chocolate is my only downfall.

It’s bad for me, but I still love it.

Save me!!

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