‘Venturous Deeds

I shall sleep ’til the ending of time,
And on ‘venturous deeds will I dine,
Then return to my slumbering form,
Having memories none of my roam.

… which was reworked from a comment I made:
I will sleep ’til the end of time, and then come back to the beginning again, at which point I will wake up with no memory of my journey.

… on this post:

… which then (possibly (maybe)) influenced this wonderful prose:

… that caused me to make this comment:
“Hold on – I’m sure you nicked that idea from me! 🙂

… and caused this post to be written:

… which prompted me to go back and rework my comment into this post.

Isn’t life wonderful!! 😀

13 thoughts on “‘Venturous Deeds

  1. Yay!! The first thing to make me smile this morning (I had a rough night and had to take two Paracetamol this morning. No, I wasn’t​ drinking). Love the way you reworked your comment, Robert. 😊 Ever so eloquent. So much sharing! 😁

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    • Uh-oh – you’re poorlysickanddying? Hooenrje paracetamol did you some good and that you’re feeling better. 🙂
      OMG – I just realised that I didn’t ask you if I could link to your blog! Can I?
      Yeah, I had to rework that comment – it was pretty pants in its original form, wasn’t it? I can see why you skirted over it quickly now.

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      • Right arm was hurting badly from having been slept on, neck and shoulders sore … slept for only 5 and a half hours. First night in new place. *sigh* Better now.
        Of course you can link to my blog. 😊
        Nope, the comment was already brilliant in its original form. I just didn’t want you to get a swelled head about it. 😋 The pants and skirt references have not gone unappreciated. 😁

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      • Pants and skirts? I don’t recall you wearing either! 🙂
        Here’s to your second night in the new place. Hope it’s much, much better, S. If not – make sure you get some more pills in.

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      • A little risqué to say so, n’est-ce pas? 😉
        Thank you so much, Robert. I also had to help lift some heavy stuff – that could also have contributed to my muscle soreness. Sitting in the dark in the office now, waiting for them to figure out what’s wrong with the power. Going on since yesterday afternoon. Crazy times around here. Not much juice left on my phone.
        How are you, Robert?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Risqué or risky? 🙂 (Either way – apologies.)
        I was just wondering how you were able to send messages without electricity, but it all became clear. 🙂
        Hope you get juice (actually typed juicy in error there, but noticed it at the last moment) soon.
        I’m better now than I was a few days ago, thanks. Back to work today after four days off. Want more leave!!

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