Funny Allergies

Here are a few things that I’ve found out, over the years, that I’m allergic to:

  • Soap – this is no joke, I actually get spots on my face and other parts of my skin if I don’t wash soap off properly. The most irritating bit is around my ears. It only takes one little bubble of soap to remain and it turns into some kinda pimple. In my defence (which I have to admit is not water-tight) – it’s not easy to rinse ears in the sink! Whenever I see people with pimples on their face I always want to tell them to rinse the soap off more thoroughly; but who’s going to listen to that without either laughing or bopping me one on the nose!
  • Oranges – on my break at work, a few years back, I used to have a bag of crisps and an orange. Then I would go for a pee. It took me quite a while to realise that the itchy rash at the side of my … you know what, was down to the raw orange juice on my fingers. Once I realised, I washed my hands before touching my … you know what, and the problem just went away immediately. I also washed my hands afterwards – just in case you were wondering.
  • Logos – I used to wear t-shirts with a big pictures on the front before I realised that I was allergic to the latex (or whatever it is) in those logos. Little, itchy red spots that would last for ages! The number of times I thought I had skin cancer before I realised that the spots were collected in the exact same place as the logos / pictures. Now that I wear plain, unadorned shirts, the spots are fading away nicely and they haven’t itched at all since I made the switch.

Odd isn’t it, how the most innocuous of things cause our skin to have problems. It makes me think that we could save a fortune in creams, pills and other remedies if only we took more notice of what we do and wear.

What strange things have you noticed that you’re allergic to?

58 thoughts on “Funny Allergies

  1. I just got the allergy testing, because I kept getting sick,…like cold-and-flu sick…all the usual suspects were present: mold, grasses, trees (so much for hugging my tree friends!). But I’m also allergic to feathers! I mean, who the heck is allergic to feathers?

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  2. Hehe interesting! I know people who know they are well aware of their allergies but can’t give up the food- a friend is allergic to cheese. She takes the meds instead.

    I, on the other hand, am allergic to being sick (flu, since that’s all the sick I do). True story. What happens? Constipation. Not bad, you think? Imagine being clogged on all ends! 🙄🙄🙄

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  3. I’m allergic to alcohol – kinda. I have a deficient enzyme that does an awful job processing it, so too much acetaldehyde builds up in my system and poisons me. Fortunately, being a member of the Felidae, I have nine lives. 🐈
    I don’t use commercial moisturisers anymore. Instead, I use olive oil, coconut oil, and certain essential oils such as frankincense and patchouli. I have ezcema from time to time, so I empathise​ with your skin issues.
    Are you allergic to lemons too?

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  4. Sounds like skin sensitivity to dyes and things. I’m allergic to red dye in things ingested from medicine to Jello. I get a red rash on my neck like hives. I think we develop allergies as we age because of continued exposure to things. I remember reading that you start to react to something after the second exposure to it 🙂

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    • You know, to say that this was a flippant, off-beat kind of a post (what do you mean you couldn’t tell the difference!) it’s generated a lot of comments. Seems that everything has something they are allergic to. Perhaps it’s just modern life that’s so full of chemicals and stuff that we … But then again, I disagree (with myself as usual) because I think that it’s false to say we live in more complicated and dangerous times. Ancient people probably experienced life to be Mich more dangerous, what with all those wild animals … and stuff (yeah, my imagination failed me (I only just woke up)) roaming about. And … what was I saying?
      Anyway – good morning, Dee – what do you have planned for the weekend? 🙂

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    • You mean our ancestors had other worries aside from cooking, cleaning, shopping and working outside? Cause actually – that could pretty much describe any human weekend going back at least to Adam and Eve. 😉


  5. You’re allergic to strange things. Hope you’re wearing plain t shirts now. I am to be true not allergic to anything just marshmallows whenever I eat them I end throwing up. Donno if it’s called allergy.
    Have a good day!!
    Clare x

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  6. Perfume – especially in laundry detergent. I developed this allergy one day and I went to bed in freshly washed pj’s. My skin was super red and itchy and it drove me nuts to find out what it was (I thought it was due to my other allergies). When I found out it was the laundry detergent (and later on perfumes), I stopped washing with them.

    The sun – when this showed up on my allergy test, I thought that the doctor was joking. I looked at him and said: “Am I a vampire?” But he was dead serious. Since then, I realized, that the rashes I got on my arms, shoulders and back (if exposed) were due to the sun allergy T.T Now I swim in sunblock and prefer the indoors. But, I do venture out daily, just when the sun isn’t that strong yet and with lots of sunblock (even in the winter).

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    • There’s a lot to be said for living within our comfort zones and it makes a lot of sense to get tested for what they are – well done for that. I have no sense at all and so have never been tested. I’m allergic to sense (so it seems) in all its multivarious forms. 🙂

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      • Yeah, but in my case I had no choice, since I was admitted to hospital for my allergies, so they tested everything they could at that time and that’s how I ended up with an (extensive) list.

        Allergic to sense? I know a few people that are like that too 😉

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