People look after me. They cut me slack. They smile and say nice things. They encourage me and treat me nice.

I have the belief that when I do good things for people then people will do good things for me.

I wonder how it’s possible that I have done so many nice things that I have such a blessed life.

You see, sometimes I’m grumpy and I say harsh things. At other times I keep myself to myself. I think that I might be emptying my pot of happiness when I do those kinds of things. So I try not to.

I have a crick in my neck right now. Is it because I said something to upset someone? Do I have a pain in the neck because I have been a pain in the neck for someone?

I’m truly sorry. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Kindness – Robert.

26 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Oh dear Robert do not make anything out of small things and be the person you are. In our life anything can happen so do not think that you have not been kind to someone or talked rudely or angrily. If you have to you have to be angered but do not carry it along with you just drop it later. Have a great day.

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  2. Hi Robert, hope you’re having a good day despite the crick in your neck. As for karma, I often say half-jokingly that I must’ve been a saint and/or philantropist in my previous life, as I certainly have not done enough nice things in this life to deserve the kindness others have shown me in this one.

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  3. Sometimes we do carry anger, anxiety, a burden of sadness in our bodies. Sometimes we can pull a muscle in our back from lifting something wrong. I was told to put heat or ice to the muscle. Some say alternate the two, some say ice if it’s a fresh injury. Some say whichever​ feels good. Hope you feel better soon. Just be yourself and seek to love others as well as yourself and you will be fine.

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