The Passage of Time

Birds in the trees
Orange juice in a glass
The need to spend money
Cool, calm June morning.

The passage of time in my life marks me as a dead man. Some day, in some way, all this will be gone and I will be left in whatever realm comes after with no way of appreciating the songs of the birds as they flit here and there. The pleasure of cool orange juice sliding down a dry throat will be denied me. Money that I accumulated over a lifetime will not be part of myΒ fate. I will have no more cool, calm June mornings.

So where do I go from here?

Is there some leftover bread in the fridge that I can cut up into small pieces and sprinkle on the lawn so that the birds can supplement their diet of worms, insects and berries? I’m sure there is. It would be the work of a minute to spread those breadcrumbs out.

Can I share the bottle of orange juice in the fridge with someone close to me, so that they too can enjoy the feeling of being refreshed? I’m certain that this can be done. I have someone in mind.

And the money. Ah, the money. What to do with all the money accumulating in some bank account somewhere? Are there good causes that can use such a thing? Would it take me long to look into the hearts and minds of those who would use it for good? Probably. But surely it would be worth the effort.

So I sit, on this cool, calm June morning and contemplate my fate.

Which way do I go?

I think I’ll go and get that bread first …

11 thoughts on “The Passage of Time

  1. I thought you were allergic to oranges? Did you really sprinkle the leftover bread on the lawn for the birds? πŸ™‚
    There is such a thing as a will. πŸ˜‰ That reminds me – I better update mine, as my will was drafted up a few years ago.
    The bright side of passing on from the physical plane is not having to experience physical pain anymore. Speaking of pain, how’s the crick in your neck?

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