Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Yeah, the Wonder Woman movie is totally fab-balls! 🙂

We walked two miles there and two miles back and the weather was gorgeous both ways, and the trees and grass were lush and beautiful. It was as if someone had taken winter, given it a good shaking until all the snow fell off and then stuck a load of green stuff all over the trees and then painted the grass an iridescent shade of green. Magnificent.

You get a lot in this Wonder Woman movie – all the origins and all the growing up and all the coming out into the big, bad world and all the syrup and sweetness of first love and all the horrors of war from first hand and all the battles you could ever want. And then there’s the stuff at the end that’ll … but I’ll not tell you any of that. It would just spoil it for you.

The heating system has gone funny. The boiler is making a funny rattling noise, so I’m going to have to call for an engineer to come out. It’s not that we need the place to be any hotter, it’s just that the rattling noise is driving me bonkers.

Got to go. I have dinner to make now. Shepherd’s Pie and a nice salad. Now, where did I put those shepherds?


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