Brain Speed

Here are some things that are impairing the ability of my brain to think clearly:

  • The pervasive hum of this train. It makes me want to go to sleep rather than read the closed book on the open tray in front of me.
  • The leg of the girl/woman sat in the next seat. I can see it out of the corner of my eye and it’s a about an inch or so away from mine so that the slightest sway of the train almost brings it into contact with mine. I can feel the heat of her flesh and the thought that perhaps she can feel the heat of mine distracts me so.
  • The residual traces of chocolate in my body, brain and mind make me less able to focus on … anything really (part from the leg next to mine of course). Chocolate has a damping effect on my thoughts and emotions. It slows processing down and make me feel as if I am doped. Maybe I am. Maybe chocolate is my dope of choice.
  • Uncertainty is certainly a distractor. Not knowing what is going to happen in the team meeting I’m heading to London for is something that creates a low level malaise in my mind. It would have helped, I suppose, if I had listened, whilst on the audio conference during which my manager outlined the agenda for today, but I’d just eaten large quantities of chocolate at that point and so was intent on being zoned out.
  • The pain in my neck. This comes from the fact that the girl/woman at my side has decided that it’s alright to periodically put our arms in contact with each other. I can’t say I’m keen on arm contact as much as leg contact, particularly as the material of her cardigan is quite scratchy on my bare skin. I guess it’s the way I’m keeping my arm preternaturally still that’s freezing my neck up.
  • People sleeping in front of me. I can’t feel much of the effect of this right now because I slept well last night, but the fact that no less that four of the blokes facing me on this train are sleeping, and one is even snoring gently, will be having a slowing effect on my mind. Sleeping, yawning and impetigo have all been shown to be contagious.

 But despite all that, I actually feel rather good. I’m awake, alert and comfortable in my seat. I have all my faculties, England is green and, even though the weather outside the window is rather dull and uninspiring, it’s shaping up to be a marvellous day. Roll on life!

29 thoughts on “Brain Speed

  1. Ah … brings back memories of my long train commute in England. I was travelling south, so I took three seats for myself and slept on my bag. Never liked the crowded train rides to London. Too many people packed too close together.

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