I’m aware that I write about all sorts of things, but I would love to be stretched further. If you would be so kind – can you tell me what you would like me to write about next?

I’m up for a challenge, so be creative.

Or not – it’s up to you. 😜


58 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Ok, here’s a challenge for you…write something hilariously funny say tragedy to humour. I’m good at that…someone gets hurt, I instantly laugh, out loud, can’t help myself. I suppose it’s nervous laughter but I have dozens of stories but my kids won’t allow me to say it out loud here mwhahaha

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  2. Rubs hands together…

    A time travel story where the protagonist is an earlier version of the antagonist. The protagonist travels through three-point time periods in history, looking for clues to unlock his future so he doesn’t turn evil, all the while the antagonist, his older self, tries to stop him. Write the protagonist in first person, present tense, and the antagonist, the older version of the protagonist who is travelling through the past, in third person past tense with a close narrative distance of 2. The time periods are… the mayans at the time the Spanish arrived, Americans at the time of Pearl Harbour and a medieval castle in Scotland. The protagonist needs to kill the protagonist to win, but it will make him lose. Oh and there is a little alien,who controls the time travel device, but only the protagonist/ antagonist can see him.

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  3. Okay, so I would suggest you to write a teen story more of a romance comedy (romcom) something like sixteen candles, the breakfast club. (They aren’t books but movies but something a little like them)
    Hope you break a leg at it.
    Clare xx

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