Whilst Showering

Finger Shower

When I was in the shower this morning I thought of so many beautiful things to share with you on here my blog.

Here’s a list of what I remember:

  • Beautiful thing number one
  • Interesting thought number two
  • Fascinating fact number three.

Yep, you guessed it – I can’t remember a single darned thing!

How do y’all remember things you think of in the shower?

  • Do you have a water (and soap (and slip)) resistant smartphone?
  • Have you got a waterproof notebook that doesn’t turn to mush?
  • A dry-wipe (wet-proof) board screwed to the wall?

Or do you go for something more adventurous?

  • Do you have a voice activated recorder that picks up your every word?
  • A secretary that sits in the corner, wiping her glasses and taking notes?
  • Or maybe you routinely video yourself in the shower!

Let me know how you record your wonderful thoughts whilst your hands are otherwise engaged so that I can benefit from your sage advice.

Answers on the Comment shaped Postcard, to the usual address. 🙂

63 thoughts on “Whilst Showering

  1. I usually just write it down on my phone as soon as I hop out of the shower do that I don’t forget
    A waterproof recorder would be amazing though because I find I get all my songwriting inspiration in the shower so that would definitely make remembering so much easier.😆

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  2. I tend to have my best ideas wake me in the middle of the night… thus the notebook and pen in easy reach. As for the shower, it must not be creatively stimulating for me!

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  3. I so relate to this. Sometimes I have to stop while I am jogging and voice to text myself a message on my phone. Why do poems come to me while I am running? Ideas in the shower are so impractical and yet we must catch them. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I think all regular (repetitive) activity calms the mind and gives it chance to roam over your inner landscape. Sounds like you have a good plan to handle your ideas – well done. 🙂
      Thanks so much for visiting. I hope to do the same on your blog on a regular basis.
      Kindness – Robert.

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  4. I remember some days back, I was telling my cousin that I get so many ideas in the shower that I think I should start writing there only. That’ll be dangerous yet foolishness.
    Just wait for those thoughts to come again.
    Clare xx
    P. S. Don’t try to write in the shower 😉

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