Self vs Others

I don’t know whether I am the most important thing in the world, or whether all people (apart from me) are.

For example, I came home the other day to find a naked woman looking inside the cuboard under the kitchen sink.

Part of me did wonder what she was looking for. I mean, the only things in there are various food preparation utensils, and she didn’t look like she was dressed for cooking. But most of me was concentrated in her appearance.

She was on her hands and knees, with her spine dipping slightly downwards so that she afforded me a lovely view of her hanging gardens. I have to confess that a certain kind of thrill went through me at the sight.

She actually looked like she was dressed to take a shower, and that’s when it hit me. I’d turned the water off at the stop-cock in order to change the washer on a tap. Obviously she was trying to turn the water back on!

“Sorry, I forgot to put the water back on.”

Maybe I should have cleared my throat or something before directing this statement towards her rather fetching backside.

You know how, in movies, people bang their heads on the roofs of cupboards when someone startles them? Well that’s exactly what happened on this occasion.

The music coming from her phone would have masked the sound of my key in the door and the squeaking as it opened.


She backed out on hands and knees, looking not at all like a tiny donkey or an oversized hound. No, she looked like an attractive woman with long, blonde hair hanging over her face and in possession of a lovely pair of breasts.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Eloise. Let me tell you what this woman would have seen as she turned around.

145 thoughts on “Self vs Others

    • I know, I know. In my defence, this was an experimental piece that I never intended to publish – I pressed the wrong button and then went a few days without internet (in the Swiss Alps). By the time I realised my mistake, it was too late.


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  2. Forgot to mention something in my previous comment. Your first sentence reminds me of this saying: “Everything without tells the individual he is nothing; everything within persuades him that he is everything.” – XimΓ©nΓ¨s Doudan. Know it? 😊

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      • Life just got in the way – sorry if you thought that. It’s difficult to know what to do about a blog. I mean – it’s dangerous to announce that your house is empty, just in case someone knows who you are and decides to take advantage – you know what I mean?

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      • Well, science was amazing and I just did a little math. I’m gonna do it again tomorrow all over again, they all were kinda wrong. Just starting with holiday assignment -_-
        What about you? At work?

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      • It’s divided in parts. In science, I have to write about some clothes, their characteristics advantages and disadvantages. In social science, I have to write about the British rule in india. About the royal charter queen Elizabeth I gave to EEIC and why they wanted to trade. In English, I have to write about the feeling of seeing a waterfall and about the things that make me smile.

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      • Yeahh. It was real odd actually. I kinda now about it cause my father is Indian. But if British hadn’t ruled over India then India and Pakistan would still had been together. And that’s reallyyy odd.

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      • … or India would be divided into Rajputs still, or perhaps all of India would have been incorporated into Pakistan due to the Mughal influence.
        It’s said that British rule brought many beneficial systems to India, and removed stuff like sati, but I would say that the ancient Vedic traditions were much better than what replaced them.
        Biggest benefit the British gave india? Unity. A united India, even without Pakistan and the other bits and bobs, is still stronger economically and politically than what came before, and is more viable to compete on a world stage.
        But what am I saying – you know much more about these things than I do.
        If your dad is Indian, is your mum not?

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      • I totally agree! ! You know kinda alot. Of course, I’m dumb of course you know because you live there. Anyway, Britishers might have taken alot but they gave alot too . Like the famous metal bridge, cannought place ( excuse the spelling) introduced many modern things. India would have half of the things if British would’ve not ruled India as I think. I love politics I just love it so much. So I know a little bit about my favourite countries’s politics too.
        Nope, my mom isn’t Indian. My dad is partially Indian. He came here when he was 20. So it’s like that.
        Clare xx

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      • Twenty years old and in a new country. That sounds rather daunting. I bet he has some really nice stories to tell. Your mom (American spelling – very intriguing) too.
        I’m glad you like politics because it nicely balances out my complete apathy towards the subject. πŸ™‚
        You’re going to do well with this project – I can tell.
        How’s your evening going?

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      • Hey! Just read this. He has all these stories about his life back in India and how it changed here. It’s very intresting. Yesterday was like super boring. All I did was study study and study. I didn’t even go downstairs to play or something. Eventually, dad took me out for the night and that was the only one thing good in that day. Then as the night ended, I ended up in my room listening to songs. How is your day going? ? Definitely more interesting than mine. πŸ˜‰
        Clare xx

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      • Aw, c’mon – that sounds like my ideal day! I love studying and curling up listening to songs. You going to tell us some of the stories your dad tells you?
        My day was more like work, eat, read, watch a movie, sleep. Much more boring than yours. πŸ™‚

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      • I love listening to songs especially oldies. And as of studying, I can study history civics and English forever but when It comes to math! Ah! I end up becoming a psycho. My dad loves to watch movies. Maybe that’s the reason I want to become a director. Movies play a major role in my life.
        Yeah, I would love to share the stories with you. I hope you won’t find them boring.
        Btw, what’s your favourite movie? ?
        Clare x

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      • My favourite things change all the time as I come across new experiences, so it makes no sense to share them. I love epic, big budget, Hollywood movies with action, space, robots, aliens and heroes. I love the themes of Saving The World, Coming of Age, Stranger Comes to Town, Love Comes Late in Life and Poignant Encounter. Genres I enjoy are Action, Psychological Thriller, Action, Romance, Romantic Comedy and Twee (anything strange that makes me think deeply e.g. Donnie Darko).
        We should put our stories on our blogs to that all can benefit. πŸ™‚

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      • Yeah. He is a director! Seriously you have seen all his movies? I just love him so much. I definitely want to be called the female john Hughes in future but that doesn’t mean I’ll just copy him.
        I have to have put in my magic.
        Clare xx

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      • Maan but have you got your work cut out! Love your ambitious nature, Clare. You go for it! And when you get there, I can say (oh so casually) yeah, I knew her right at the beginning. πŸ™‚
        So much kindness – Robert.

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