Not Strawberry Fair


There are few things I really, truly want in life.

Strawberries, sleep, fairness.

But perhaps needing fairness is asking for too much.

Just the basics then – strawberries, sleep.

And I get these already, so all is good.

Everyone has a corner. Everyone argues their corner. We are ever territorial.

Do I need to defend, or would it be safer to cede?

Yes. Cede. I’ll let you have it all. Take the fairness and use it to decorate your own corner. Take the strawberries and sleep from here and I will find other strawberries and sleep elsewhere. It doesn’t matter.

There are wide open spaces that succour and give. But they are not here.

I let my heart expand into those places
Let my hair grow long and curly with love
Open my eyes to the life within my heart
Keep marching forward towards myself.

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