Look Around

If your back aches
And she is too busy to rub it.
If your neck pains
And she will not give time for you.
If your bowl
Is empty
And remains
Do not think that the world is thus.

Look around:
The cosmos is full of strong backs.
The universe thrums with sound necks.
Bowls are full in many, many places.

Make of this what you will.


6 thoughts on “Look Around

  1. Ah, but a new bowl needs work, you can’t just eat from it, it needs to become your bowl. Whereas you old bowl might be cracked and worn, might leak badly and have a chip which cuts your finger, but it’s all you know. Other bowls are scary.

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    • I … I think we need to move on sometimes. I think we need to explore new territory. I think that new bowls can become our old bowls if we give them a try. Even our old bowls were new … at some point in the past – and we were even scared of them too!


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