Help for Happiness

What do people do (when it’s hard to be happy) to make themselves happier?

I don’t know about other people, but here are some things that don’t work for me:

  • Brood on why he/she has done that to me (it feels better to think about something totally different).
  • Refuse to talk to anyone about what is wrong (talking about it seems to make it seem more trivial).
  • Walk around scowling (smiling seems to do something good to me, even if it’s a fake one).
  • Eat food that’s bad for me, especially chocolate (it actually makes me feel better to have a big, juicy cheese salad sandwich).
  • Kick and hit things (stroking a dog, cat, human being, or even hugging a tree seems to make a positive difference).
  • Sitting in the dark, alone, in silence (light, company and music are far better companions when I need cheering up)
  • Take everything waaay too seriously (it’s actually all a big joke)
  • Hang out with other depressed people (seeking out good company in the form of people like you is a better option)
  • Do something meaningless and destructive (meaningful activity that harnesses and nurtures your creativity is more energising)
  • Stick to the same old haunts that make you feel constrained and stultified (creating your own space – somewhere you feel comfortable and safe is a good way forward).

So there you go – things that don’t (and do) work. Hope that someone finds something interesting or useful in them. If not – let me know what you find to be useful in making you happy when happiness is hard to find.



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