Home Sweet Home

After a hot and epic tour through Italy, Switzerland and Germany, I have arrived back home to England. There surely are lovely things in Continental Europe, like unspoilt mountains, beautiful works of art, fancy shops and mile after mile of pure, green nature, but not one of these things has home written on it.

UK Sky

This was the sky above Manchester as the plane came in to land. Below the clouds, the landscape was predictably dull and grey, but with just the right shade of familiarity for me to smile and thank my lucky stars that I was back – safe and sound.

Got home at minutes to three in the morning and then pretty much slept until the alarm went off four hours later. It’s funny, but I haven’t really felt sleepy today although I know I’m tired by the way I have to read sentences several times before the meaning goes in.

A good trip, but I’m glad to be on this comfy sofa, in this cool room typing these words. Is there no saving my spirit of adventure!


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