The Dark Side


My favourite chocolate is Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate – specifically Extra Fine Milk. chocolateHowever, I understand that Dark Chocolate has more health benefits than Milk. So when I went to M&S an hour ago I bought one of each: 125g each of Milk and Dark (as you do).

Seems to me that the main differences are in the fat, sugar and fibre contents:

  • Dark chocolate has 24% more fat than Milk
  • Milk chocolate has 86% more sugar than Dark
  • Dark chocolate has 367% more fibre than Milk – yeah, nearly four times as much!

So – do I go for the fat, fibrousΒ bar that will make me poo better or the sugary bar that makes my mood fluctuate like crazy?

For now it’s going to beΒ one light, one dark, one light, one dark … let’s see how I go onΒ with that.


22 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. It’s all about balance. 😊
    There are MUCH better sources of fibre than dark chocolate. I don’t know anyone who eats that to improve their bowel movements. Oh wait, I do now – you. 😁

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    • I could get used to it I guess. Strangely enough, I felt a lot better from eating a combination of milk and dark. Less prone to feeling dull and sleepy and much more alert.


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