A Harmony of Sighs (#01?)

A Harmony of Sighs

Once, when the world was young and the skies not so bright, I fell asleep and dreamt. And in that dream I was a man. And in that man were many thoughts. And those thoughts did come to be a world for the duration of that sleep.

And now, when I am older than I was, I have the desire to awaken from my dream.

I send out search parties into the real world and they come back to tell me that I am alone. They say that if I were to awaken, the best the world could offer me would be a kind of lucid wakefulness.

This news confuses me.

They tell me that the dream I am in is only a small part of what is and that I am a big part of that, but that this is better than being a small part of the larger whole that is reality. They say that I should stay asleep because although it is small, it is almost safe.

I feign anger when I hear this and I send the search parties back into the real – this time with a specific ask. I want to make sure that there is internet access outside of this place.

They come back to tell me that there is.

Well then, that’s okay, I think.

Wake me up, I tell the big honcho, whose name is Gemigal. And he does.

What happens next is rather poignant and not a little scary.

I’ll tell you about it if you’re curious.


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