Double Act

Another sunny day, so Brad goes where he’s happy – to the place where the river flows quickly by.

But the path has other plans. It’s just too narrow for seven. Something has to give.

A family of four. Dad and mum eagerly normal – out with their teenager two. Son in black and daughter with her own way of showing a savage nature.

They are split asunder – two to a side as the man in the motorised wheelchair barrels through – his woman pacing him determinedly. All playing their parts to perfection.

Brad decides that there’s just enough room to squeeze though at the same time. And besides – he had chosen his path long before these interlopers happened along. Right of way!

So he goes for it. Turns subtly sideways to avoid the son, skips to the left and he’s past the wheelchair and he judges the gap for the last pass to perfection – he’s going to make it.

The daughter decides that its time to show her truculence to best advantage. She sticks her chest out, timing it just right.

Brad feels the effects – first one breast brushes over his bare arm – as firm and fresh as teenage flesh ever was, and then the other, equally as beguiling, completes the double-act.

His arm is branded by the sensation – or is it his mind? One breast he could understand – that would give her time to pull back and save the other – but both? That’s not the stuff of accidents.

Dare he risk a glance back? But what would he see? Hostile glare or a smile and a wink? Either would be uncomfortable so he keeos on walking. Keeps himself safe.

And the river, having paused for a moment, continues swiftly along.


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