German Green Retreat

Ironically, it took four bus rides, three flights, two train journeys and a car to get from the UK to the venue of this Green Retreat in Germany. Not such a good start considering the theme of saving the planet from carbon emissions.

Still, it was worth it for me, if not for the planet. Situated right in the middle of Germany, and smack bang in the centre of the greenest, quietest countryside you can imagine, the setting was perfect.

I’ll not tell you about the people because to say anything at all would be like telling Mum on your brother for giving you jam. Suffice to say – they were there. About 17 of them.

I’ll tell you a little about the food. Imagine a German chef meets an Indian cook on a TV show that pits the two of them against each other. Yeah, you get the idea.

I’ll leave the content of the retreat to one side. If you’ve ever read anything at all about Green Issues then you’ll know what was included. No surprises here.

I’ll share with you how my nights went so that you’ll understand the real value of coming to a place like this in the middle of nowhere. I slept from the moment I lay down. Word.

I’ll walk you through a typical walk through the countryside around there. Sun, shade, animals, birds, trees, earth, crops, high-chairs*, paths, forests, logs and peace.

I’ll leave you with this one picture so that you can meditate on how beautiful the world can be if people don’t get in the way too much. And even here you can see the scars.

Green Retreat

(*I have no idea, so don’t even bother asking. Bird watching hides? Who knows! Not I.)


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