Reality Don’t Fool Me

Here’s the thing about reality – it’s often mislabelled. Take the inside of your mind for example. You might think that because you can’t touch it, it doesn’t qualify as being real. But you’d be wrong. It is the very basis of everything there is. For you at least.

Then consider the screen in front of you. Because you can touch it, see it, even hear it if you have the screen-reading facility enabled, you might think that you are safe in assuming that it is real. Think again.

I can’t prove to you that material things are more illusory than things of the mind, but here’s the thing – it makes more sense to live as if they are.

Get yourself ‘attached’ to something that you can taste, smell and touch and you are on a one-way trip to Downsville. And you won’t need me to tell you that Downsville is far away from being your happy-place. You see, the thing is – stuff goes astray. It gets lost all the time. Whether it’s the bike that was chained to the drainpipe this morning but that, by the afternoon, is just a frame and a chain making love; or whether it’s the ice-cream that slid onto the hot pavement just as you were about to blissfully wrap your tongue around it – it all, inevitably and eventually, goes south.

But how about your inner wealth? What of the treasures that you’re laying aside in your own mind? Well, they are quite safe from the depredations of anyone or anything outside of you. Say that you have a little pool of peace of mind; so long as you didn’t base that feeling on something material – it’s safe. The only person that can give away your peace of mind is yourself. And it’s the same for happiness, purity, truth, love and joy.

These things are yours to keep and enjoy. They are your reality. They are the truth of who you are and what you have. And as for the rest – it’s just an illusion.

26 thoughts on “Reality Don’t Fool Me

  1. You quoted yourself! 😁 Now, I’m quoting you: “the only person that can give away your peace of mind is yourself.” Yes, yes, yes. Perfectly expressed, Robert. It’s something I remind myself of every time I’m tempted to attribute my unease to external factors.


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