Great minds do think alike.
Great tongues do wag alike.
Great bodies do act alike.
Great feelings come that I do like.

… and then I was wondering which is correct:

  • Birds of a feather flock together, or
  • Opposites attract.

I reckon that they are both true, but they are talking about different aspects of life and of people.

The together thing seems to me to be about stuff that is on the outward facing aspects of a person – physical attributes (like attractiveness, fitness level & activities enjoyed), physical possessions (like cars, houses & wealth) and physical desires (like appetites, worldly ambitions, and favourite activities). The more similarity on these levels, the better people will get on.

The opposites stuff appears, as far as I can see, to be more about the inner aspects of life – spiritual values (love, peace & happiness for example), morals and ethics (like those in fables, commandments and other principle based systems) and beliefs (such as life after death, God, extra-terrestrials & politics). The further apart people and organisations appear to be on these levels, the more closely intertwined and interdependent they seem to be.

Of course, some of what I say is total bullocks. My mind is not always up to wrapping itself around these big issues. But I’d really love to hear your take on this.


13 thoughts on “Likes

  1. When you take two unlike things, mash them together, see where the connections are, and how the two things combine to be one new thing, that is how you do creativity. You are doing that when you take the two opposite-seeming things, like the old sayings you use here, to make the bones of this essay. Forgive me for the preachy-teachy… I was a middle school and high school writing teacher for 31 years. But your ideas are certainly not bullocks. As a former Iowa farm boy I tend not to believe ideas can be a castrated male cow. I do know about the British expression too, and I also know it is not that either. Keep smashing ideas together like this and you will become a great writer…at least a lot of people will think so, even though the Stephen-King levels of money will probably not be there.

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