Good Living With Zombies

Tips on how to live successfully in a zombie-infested world:

  • erm …
  • Well, there’s …
  • Hmm.
  • Wait – I KNOW, I KNOW!! Be veryย quiet.
  • And live in a tree. Zombies don’t climb trees.
  • Better still, live in a forest – then you can make walkways between trees.
  • And you should have traps that only an idiot would fall into. Just in case.
  • And … you should be, like, vegetarian, or better still – vegan. Grow stuff.
  • It’d be really good if you were hyper-vigilant. Safer that way, ya know?
  • And quiet. Did I mention quiet?
  • Yeah. You’ll be fine with that.
  • Oh, and one last thing – make sure you have a good book with you. I mean – it’s going to be really boring, right? Maybe consider having two books.

There you go. Have fun!


41 thoughts on “Good Living With Zombies

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