The Effects of a Day Off

Burning Horizon

Yeah, you hated me taking a day off on Sunday. Day of rest? Forget it!

The numbers don’t lie:

  • Average views over the week to that point were 199. This dropped by 69% to 61.
  • Visitors for the prev 6 days were, on average, 97 but only 29 on day 7 – a 70% drop.
  • Likes fell by 57% from an average of 81 (Monday to Saturday), to 35 on Sunday.
  • Comments plummeted from an average of 134 to a miserable 11 on the seventh day.

I did no writing, no reading and not much talking yesterday. So what did I do instead? Oh, all sorts of wonderful things! Here’s a summary:

  • Got sore fingers from picking up my guitar for the first time in about two years. This I enjoyed best of all. I’m following a book called Play Guitar by Silverdale Books, which is excellent and really pushed me to learn new things.
  • Took an inordinate interest in the ironworks in the pavement as I walked. Boy but there are a lot of grates in the ground. Most of them are understandable – gas, water, telephone etc. but some of them could be entrances into a secret underground kingdom for all I know! Fascinating stuff.
  • Went to see the fifth Transformers movie – The Last Knight, which at two hours fifty minutes is about an hour too long. I fell asleep at one point – that’s how bad it got.
  • Had a really bad argument with someone. Less said about that the better.
  • Watched about an hour of an old Jack Lemmon / Walter Matthau movie called Grumpy Old Men before deciding it was better to get a good night’s sleep than be reminded of what the future holds for me.

Aside from that there was the usual eating … and stuff. Honestly, at one point I found myself standing by the back door staring at the wall. There’s way too much time in a day when I don’t find something to distract myself with. Perhaps I need to get a life. Do any of you have a spare one that you aren’t using?

I plan to take next Sunday off too, but this time I’ll cut out movies too. I expect I’ll get very intimate with the walls as I either stare at them, or climb up them. Such fun!


44 thoughts on “The Effects of a Day Off

  1. Only a cat has nine lives and I am not a cat and I have only one life and no one is letting me live the way I want to , atleast you are your own boss so so much for crying out aloud. How I envy you !!!

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    • Not very secret if there is an article on Wikipedia about it: (“Mole people (tunnel people or tunnel dwellers) are homeless people living under large cities in abandoned subway, railroad, flood, and sewage tunnels and heating shafts.”)! 😀


  2. A life? You mean a social life in the offline world? That’s usually what people mean when they tell you (the generic ‘you’, not you in particular) to ‘get a life’. Or sometimes they’re​ referring to a family life. Either way, it involves being around other people (in the flesh). Are you sure you still want a ‘life’? 😉
    Kudos to you for not reading and writing for a whole day! And you’re still (presumably) sane! 😁

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