Under Your Feet #01 – Gas


You walk the pavements every single day of your life, but have you ever thought of what lies beneath?

Consider this innocent seeming utility cover with the word GAS embossed on it. Probably never noticed it before – right? And if you did – possibly never thought about what’s underneath it. Maybe you even think it’s just a gas meter or a stop cock – yes?

Think again!!!

It’s actually a portal into a different dimension.

Yes – you heard me – a new, never before explored dimension!

Follow me as I take the first step on an incredible journey! See me insert the special tool and wrest open this magical portal and delve into the …


Okay, it’s a valve.

And a lot of spiders.

But hey, that doesn’t mean that the next one doesn’t conceal the entrance to … hold on – where are you going? There are lots of these! Wait!!

29 thoughts on “Under Your Feet #01 – Gas

  1. I HAVE thought about what lies beneath, actually. I’ve got so many pictures of drain covers in my back catalogue (of photos – it’s not a drain cover catalogue, btw) 😉 that I don’t know what to do with them. Maybe I should write a blog about it? – but I won’t, because you thought of it first. I’d show you my favourite one, but I can’t seem to comment with a photograph on here like you can on other sites, but I DO have a blog on here – way back – with the pic of my favourite drain cover, if you’re so inclined.

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